What's New on the Sacramento River
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  • Revised Repurposing Farmland Bill on Governors Desk
    After much wrangling over how lost farmland could be used for other purposes and what purposes they could be growers who lose farmland should now have a chance to receive the help they need to use their land for other plans.
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  • The Old Lady by the River still standing tall
    An article about a large Fremont Cottonwood tree on the Sacramento River, by Shirley Felder of the Red Bluff Garden Club
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  • East Sand Slough Fish Habitat Project Update
    The East Sand Slough Salmonid Habitat Project is scheduled to begin construction mid to late August 2021. An Addendum of the 2019 Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration is available.
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Sacramento River Forum

The Sacramento River Forum (Forum) works with communities, agricultural interests, landowners, organizations and agencies along the Sacramento River from Keswick to Verona to facilitate resource management and restoration efforts to be effective, balanced and sensitive to the needs of local communities. The Forum supports restoration done well and serves as a forum for sharing, a facilitator of solutions and a partner for projects that protect both the natural values of the Sacramento River and the communities it runs through.