Economic Studies of the Sacramento River

Research of the Conversion of Agricultural Land to Habitat and from Privately Owned to Public Lands along the Sacramento River and the Associated Economic Change

This habitat mapping & economic analysis project is a joint research project of the Sacramento River Forum (Forum), economists from the CSU Chico Department of Economics and College of Agriculture, and the CSU, Chico Geographical Information Center (GIC). The study aims to address key questions that have been raised by local communities on the Sacramento River in response to habitat restoration programs. This page provides access to information and reports and materials completed to date.

Completed Studies

  • Economic Value of Riparian Ecosystem Services - State of Knowledge and Implications for the Sacramento River Corridor (details, PDF)
  • Economic Value of the Sacramento River to Freshwater Anglers: A Zonal Travel Cost Approach (details, PDF)
  • Economic Value of Recreation on the Sacramento River - Results of a Year-Long Survey of Recreational Visitors at all Public Access Sites on the Sacramento River (details, PDF )
  • Conservation and the Agricultural Landowner - Results of a Survey of Agricultural Landowners in the Sacramento River Corridor (details, PDF )


  • Library of Riparian & Wetland Ecosystem Services Literature (link)
  • Project Fact Sheet (PDF)

The adobe home of William Ide at the William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park in Red Bluff, California

Iron Canyon view from Jed's overlook (Spring 2019)

Giant Gartersnake - Thamnophis gigas