Map Resources

The Sacramento River Clearinghouse: The guiding principles of the SB1086 Riparian Habitat Management program call for sound resource management based on knowledge about the river and the regulations governing its use. The resources provided here are part of a growing clearinghouse of information on the Sacramento River.

GIS Viewer

screenshot of the Sacramento River GIS Viewer

The Sacramento River GIS Viewer is an interactive map to load, view, and manipulate GIS data for the Sacramento River. You can also save and share your map with a link like this map. Additional tools allow searching for places, measuring areas, and downloading data.

Geospatial Data Library

screenshot of the Sacramento River Geospatial Data Library

The Sacramento River Geospatial Data Library is a resource for finding spatial data for the Sacramento River. The Sacramento River Geographic Information System is intended to help with locally based decision-making, assisting in understanding and analyzing land use and vegetation patterns, flooding, erosion, and channel dynamics on the river.

California Species Mapper

screenshot of the California Species Mapper

The California Species Mapper is a tool to find and map species occurrence data onto interactive map. This mapping tool leverages the depth and breadth of 3 large species occurrence databases; USGS BISON program, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), and iNaturalist.

River Atlases

screenshot of the Sacramento River Atlases website

The Atlases of the Sacramento River webpage provides access to a collection of various river atlases produced from 1978 to 2004 by various state and federal agencies.

Recreation and Public Access

screenshot of the Sacramento River Recreation and Public Access website

On this website hosted by the GIC, you will find ways to access the river along its entire extent from Suisun Bay to Lake Siskiyou.The Sacramento River provides a wide range of recreational opportunities.


screenshot of the Sacramento River GeoPic web app

This page allows you to find photographs taken along the Sacramento River using an interactive map. This lets you see WHERE pictures have been taken - a sense of place.