The Sacramento River Forum (Forum) works with communities, agricultural interests, landowners, organizations and agencies along the Sacramento River from Keswick to Verona to facilitate resource management and restoration efforts to be effective, balanced and sensitive to the needs of local communities. The Forum supports restoration done well and serves as a forum for sharing, a facilitator of solutions and a partner for projects that protect both the natural values of the Sacramento River and the communities it runs through.

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  • DWR posts tips on preparing for the possibility of flooding
    DWR has posted tips on preparing for the possibility of flooding. The website includes other important flood preparedness links, such as emergency contacts by county and the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Science panel report on Yolo Bypass Salmon Habitat
    The Final Report of the Yolo Bypass Salmon Habitat and Fish Passage Analytical Tool Review Panel is now available online.
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  • Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy progress report
    In June, the California Natural Resources Agency issued a progress report on its Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy for 2016-2017.
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