Middle Sacramento River Science Conference

Conservation and restoration efforts of the Middle Sacramento River have been ongoing for 25 years! To celebrate accomplishments and share lessons learned, The Nature Conservancy and the USFWS Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge hosted a two-day science conference (June 3-4, 2013).

The conference agenda is available here: (PDF)

The abstracts submitted for the conference are available here: (PDF)


The following posters are available to download.

AuthorsPoster title
Bruce Orr (Stillwater Sciences), Clifford Riebe (University of Wyoming/Stillwater Sciences), Ryan Peek (University of San Francisco)Linking Biological Responses To River Processes: Implications for conservation and management of the Sacramento River - a focal species approach
Matt Reeve (DWR), Tony Danna (DWR)'Listening to Farmers about Floodway Conservation!' - Agriculture Stakeholders Recommendations for Integrated Flood Management
Joe Silveira (USFWS), Greg Golet (TNC), Dawn Garcia (Audubon California), Jennifer Isola (USFWS), Mike Carpenter (USFWS), Mike Wolder (USFWS), Adam Henderson (DWR), Danika Tsao (DWR), Ron ScholorffBank Swallow (Riparia riparia) Colony Population Status and Trends on the Middle Sacramento River - 1999 to 2012


The following is a list of conference presentations, many of which can be downloaded as pdf slideshows.

Stacy Cepello (DWR)Welcoming Remarks
Wildlife Response to Restoration
Vasilissa Derugin (SFSU), Gretchen Lebuhn (SFSU), Joe Silveira (USFWS), Greg Golet (TNC), and Edward Connor (SFSU)Response of large mammalian predators to riparian corridor restoration in the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge
Michelle Gilbert, Nathaniel Seavy, Thomas Gardali and Catherine Hickey (PRBO Conservation Science for all)Regional monitoring of restoration outcomes on the Sacramento: The Central Valley floodplain forest bird survey
Nathaniel Seavy (PRBO), Renee Cormier (PRBO), Jessica Hammond (UCSC), Joe Silveira (USFWS) and Greg Golet (TNC)Effects of vegetation structure and grazing on wintering bird communities of the Sacramento River floodplains
Scott Gregory (North State Resources)Small mammal use of grazed and un-grazed restored native grassland and shrub habitats along the Sacramento River
Birds and River Process
Steven Greco (UC Davis)Modeling Yellow-billed Cuckoo habitat change from 1952 and 1987 on the Sacramento River (RM155-234)
Mark Dettling and Nathaniel Seavy (PRBO for both)Yellow-billed Cuckoos along the Sacramento River: No evidence for population responses to riparian forest restoration
Eric Larsen (UCD) and Frank Poulsen (ESSA Technologies)Possible links between Bank Swallow habitat, population decline and meander migration rates, and the potential implication for management
Ron Melcer Jr. and Adam Henderson (CDWR for both)Bank Swallow response to rock revetment removal on the Sacramento River
Sturgeon and Salmon
Robert Chase (USBR) and Alicia Seeholtz (CDWR)Site fidelity and emigration of adult green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris) in the middle Sacramento River
Bill Poytress (USFWS), Richard Corwin (USBR--retired) and Michael Thomas (UCD)North American green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris) impact mitigation measures in the upper Sacramento River, California
James Earley, Matthew Brown and C. Michael Schraml (USFWS for all)What moves you? Clear Creek juvenile salmon 24-hour passage timing studies 2012-2013
Diane Coulon and Colin Purdy (CDFW for both)Timing and composition of juvenile salmonid emigration in the Sacramento River near Moulton Weir and near Tisdale Weir
Bill Poytress (USFWS)2012 Juvenile Winter Chinook Outmigration: Is This Year Any Difference?
Programs and Projects
Michael Bradbury (CDWR) and Kelley Barker (CDFW)Bank Swallow (Riparia riparia) Conservation Strategy for the Sacramento River watershed, California
Helen Swagerty, Thomas Grigggs and Michael Rogner (River Partners for all)Riparian Sanctuary: Using multiple science disciplines to design grass roots solution for agricultural and environmental interests
Marc Hoshovsky (CDWR)Central Valley Flood System Conservation Strategy
Aric Lester and Adam Henderson (CDWR)Applying Sacramento River Conservation Area concepts and our understanding of natural river process in the feasibility study for the Kopta Slough project
Horticultural Restoration
Thomas Griggs, Jessica Hammond (River Partners for both)Long-term monitoring and ecological performance of horticultural riparian restoration along the Sacramento River
Karen Holl (UCSC), Jessica Hammond (UCSC), Prarie Moore (Natural Resources Management Corp.), Charles McClain (HT Harvey and Assoc.) and David Wood (CSUC)Long-term restoration of riparian understory species over large spatial scales
Michael Rogner and Thomas Grigggs (River Partners for both)Tipping the balance: Using natives to combat weeds and promote ecological resilience of riparian restoration
Adrian Frediani (TNC) and Joe Silveira (USFWS)Wildflower restoration at the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge
Climate/River Process
Thomas Gardali, Nathaniel Seavy, John Parodi, Leia Giambastiani and Stephanie Nelson (PRBO for all)Climate-smart ecological restoration: framework and lessons learned from a coastal California stream
Virginia Matzek (Santa Clara University)Carbon pools and carbon credits along a restoration chronosequence
Thomas Griggs (River Partners) and Stephan Lorenzato (Riparian Habitat Joint Venture and CDWR)Riparian vegetation structure and flood management
John Stella (State University of New York), Jess Riddle (State University of New York), and John Battles (UCB)Coevolving floodplain and riparian forest dynamics on the middle Sacramento River, California
Using Ecological Indicators to Assess Progress Inform Conservation Strategies
Greg Golet (TNC) and 20 othersSuccesses, failures and suggested future directions for ecosystem restoration of the middle Sacramento River, California
Ryan A. Luster (TNC) and Clint Alexander (ESSA Technologies)The Ecological Flows Tool: Using ecological indicators to support resource management decisions
Holly Jorgensen (Sacramento River Watershed Program) and Stephen McCord (McCord Environmental, Inc.)A Regional monitoring program for the Sacramento River watershed: Objectives, benefits and challenges
Joeseph Silveira and Kelly Moroney (USFWS for both)Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan: Implementing Objectives for the wildlife and habitat goal