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Summer 2014

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Forum Board Meeting Schedule 

  The Forum Board of Directors establishes its meeting schedule each year.  The next meetings of 2014 will alternate between the HR Conference Center of Rolling Hills Casino in Corning  and Granzella's in Williams.Upcoming Forum dates will be:
  • September 25 
  • December 11 

Kopta Slough

West abutment
of Woodson Bridge.

Kopta Slough property.

Restore Riparian Habitat
Thank you for connecting with the Forum.  In our next issue, we will update you on more of our projects and programs.

Thank you Jim McKevitt


  We are grateful for all the contributions that Jim McKevitt has made to the Forum.  Jim has been involved since the time of the SB1086 Advisory Council, when he served as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service alternate.  He was appointed to the Forum Board of Directors by the Resources Agency Secretary in 2004 and served on many committees and officers positions over the years.  Jim has always been a strong advocate for the habitat of the Sacramento River and his dedication will be missed.  We wish him well in all his future endeavors.

  As we look towards fall and a hopefully rainy winter, we invite you to look at what's ahead for the Forum.  We are polishing the update of our website and this newsletter provides information on the Woodson Bridge/Kopta Slough Flood Damage Reduction and Habitat Restoration Project.  We also bid farewell and thanks to our longtime board member and friend.  Jim McKevitt has resigned from the Board. We will miss his institutional knowledge and recognize his commitment to the resources of the Sacramento River.  Always look for more Forum information and news on our website.


Jane Dolan, Executive Director

Look for the Forum's updated website


  We are revising and updating our website which will bring us into the 21st century.  Our URL will be We hope you'll agree the new look and functionality provide better access to all our informational resources.  We are nearing the complete update of the extensive database of information of the recreational opportunities and public access sites on the Sacramento River. This will be available via a direct link from our new home page. 

The Kopta Slough Flood Damage Reduction and Habitat 

Restoration Project 


Project Location 

The Kopta Slough Flood Damage Reduction and Habitat Restoration Project is located in the Sacramento River floodplain between River Mile 218 and 223. The City of Corning is to the west and the town of Vina is to the east. South Avenue (County Road A9) and Woodson Bridge bisect the project area.


Project Status

The Forum is working to provide information to local stakeholders and convey local input to the project team of the Northern Region Office of the Department of Water Resources. The NRO staff has received funding to update and finalize the engineering, environmental and other studies for the Feasibility Study of the Project, which was begun by the Army Corps of Engineers in early 2000 but never completed. This multi-benefit project will provide erosion protection of the abutment of the Woodson Bridge, enhancement of area recreation, restore natural river processes and enhance riparian habitat. Supervisor Burt Bundy and agricultural landowner Brendon Flynn are the Forum Board representatives assisting with the local stakeholder effort.


Project Goals and Elements

The goals of the Project are to:

  • Provide ecosystem benefits, through the restoration of natural fluvial and floodplain processes.
  • Mitigate for the loss of shaded riverine aquatic habitat from flood management projects, operations and maintenance activities. 
  • Establish long term public ownership of the Kopta Slough property to protect public trust resources and expand recreational opportunities on a portion of the project area.
  • Provide flood damage reduction benefits through reduced bank erosion and protection of public infrastructure.

The project seeks to remove revetment upstream of the bridge at the Kopta Slough property that is no longer necessary to protect infrastructure or agricultural land use.  The project will identify erosion protection for the west abutment of Woodson Bridge and the City of Corning sewer outfall.  Restoration of approximately 176 acres of riparian habitat within the 648-acre Kopta Slough property will provide mitigation for flood projects and maintenance. The property will be transferred from the California State Controller Environmental Trust to an agency for public access. 


Project Partners and Stakeholders

Project partners include the Department of Water Resources, Tehama County, City of Corning, California State Parks, the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge, The Nature Conservancy, the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  We are also working with the landowners and business owners adjacent to the project site to facilitate their input.  

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