SB 234 Seeks Reimbursement of Lost Tax Revenue

Posted 2015-03-13
Source: Senator Jim Nielsen's mailing list Received March 11, 2015

Senators Jim Nielsen and Lois Wolk are principal authors of Senate Bill 234, which would provide $19 million from the state's General Fund to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to make payments to counties for unpaid revenues under the currently suspended Payment In-Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program.

Under the program, the Department of Fish and Wildlife would reimburse counties for property tax revenue that was lost when the state acquired private property for refuges and wildlife management areas. Because this program was suspended, some of the unpaid money goes back as much as 14 years. The state now owes $19 million in unpaid revenue to 36 counties, and creates an additional $1.5 million backlog annually when it fails to return funds to these counties. If you are interested in tracking this legislation, you can access bill text, status, analyses and vote records from the homepage of Senator Nielson at