Sacramento River
A Guide to Recreation and Public Access
Princeton Unit Southeast
Access Site Details
Rivermile: 161.5
Owner: Department of Fish and Wildlife Region II Rancho Cordova CA (916) 358-2900
County: Colusa and Glenn
Ownership: Public
Public Access: yes
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Acres: 307
Access Via: Public road
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Activities Available
• Motor Boating
• Fishing
• Hunting
• Birding
• Photography
• Nature Observation
• Nature Walk
• Walking
Location Description
The property is located across the river form the Princeton-south Unit of the Department of Fish and Game’s Sacramento River Wildlife Area. The property is also adjacent to 105 acres owned by The Nature Conservancy. While this 105-acre property is currently planted with walnuts, long-term plans include restoring the property and transferring it to a long-term steward.
Site Description
The property is located at River Mile 161.5 along the east bank of the Sacramento River, west of River Road, approximately 13 miles north of the Colusa. All of the approximately 307-acre property is within the US ACOE flood control project levees and the "inner-river zone" as defined by the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum. Most of the property is in Colusa County with 23 acres in Glenn County. Currently, approximately 58 acres of the property is open farm land and has been planted with row crops. Approximately 16 acres in the southern portion of the property at one time had been cultivated and is now an open meadow. The remaining 249 acres is native riparian habitat. The center portion of the property was at one time within a bend of the river. It was known as Yerxa’s Bend or Boggs Bend, depending on the map. The river has straightened in this area and the old river area is a portion of this property. While most of the area within the bend is heavily overgrown, a portion of the old river still contains water and has formed an oxbow lake.