Sacramento River
A Guide to Recreation and Public Access
LaMoine River Access
Access Site Details
Owner: Private
City: LaMoine
County: Shasta
Ownership: Private
Public Access: yes
Location: Click Here
Related Website: Click Here
Access Via: Public road
Fishing Regulations: Click Here
Fishing Supplement: Click Here
Activities Available
• Kayaking/Canoeing
• Fishing
• Swimming
• Tubing
• Birding
• Photography
• Nature Observation
• Nature Walk
• Walking
Facilities Available
Pedestrian Access
• Trails
Picnic Facilities
• Picnic Table(s)
Location Description
Twenty-five miles south of Dunsmuir off of Interstate 5.
Site Description
This access site usually provides privacy. Not much parking and there is a 1/4 mile walk from the road. There is a sandy beach at the river and some interesting rock formations. The area is private land but the site is a known river access spot and is sponsored by the Cantara Trustee Council and the United States Forest Service.
Topology Hydrology
Part of the Klamath Mountain Geological Province.
Vegetation Wildlife
Willow shrubs, canyon live oak, douglas fir, black oak, ponderosa pine. Rainbow trout are the predominant species of fish but there are some brown trout as well.
Access Description
Take LaMoine exit off I-5. Going northbound go straight. Going southbound turn right at the stop sign and then go straight. Take first left. Cross Slate Creek on bridge, and drive 200 yards and park at top of hill with steep road leading off left towards river. Walk 300 yards down 4 wheel drive road, cross tracks and look for trail to swimming hole.