Sacramento River
A Guide to Recreation and Public Access
Colusa Levee Scenic Park
Access Site Details
Rivermile: 144
Owner: City of Colusa Patty Hickel (530) 458-4740
City: Colusa
County: Colusa
Ownership: Public
Public Access: yes
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Acres: 2.9
Access Via: Public road
Fishing Regulations: Click Here
Fishing Supplement: Click Here
Activities Available
• Fishing
• Swimming
• Tubing
• Birding
• Photography
• Nature Observation
• Nature Walk
• Walking
Facilities Available
Pedestrian Access
• Paved Walkways
• Trails
Picnic Facilities
• Picnic Table(s)
• Barbecue Grill(s)/Pit(s)
• Tree Shaded
• Drinking Fountains
Location Description
This park is located on the north side of Main Street on the levee in downtown Colusa at River Mile 144 – R.
Site Description
Levee Scenic Park is a small linear park constructed on the levee in the City of Colusa.
Topology Hydrology
The park site is constructed on the levee, spanning from curb to river’s edge. The site’s banks have been steeply cut by the river making conditions hazardous to reach the edge of the river. Regardless, people still use this river access point.
Vegetation Wildlife
The entire park site is covered with turf and ornamental shade trees located to provide shade for picnic tables and benches.
Current Land Use
Allowable uses at the state recreation area include picnicking, fishing, and nature observation.
Adjacent Land Use
The park parallels a city street in the old business district of the city.
Access Description
This facility is easily accessed from city streets; however, no boat access is available.
Facility Signage
• Entrance
• Facility Rules