Sacramento River
A Guide to Recreation and Public Access
Sherman Island County Park
Access Site Details
Rivermile: 3.5
Owner: Sacramento County Parks (916) 875-6961
City: Antioch
County: Sacramento
Ownership: Public
Public Access: yes
Location: Click Here
Related Website: Click Here
Access Via: Public road
Fishing Regulations: Click Here
Fishing Supplement: Click Here
Activities Available
• Motor Boating
• Kayaking/Canoeing
• Fishing
• Photography
Facilities Available
• Paved Lot
Boating Facilities
• Boat Ramp(s)
• Manual Put-in/Put-out
• Boat Trailer Parking
Picnic Facilities
• Picnic Table(s)
• Porta-Potties
Location Description
From U.S. Highway 50, take the Interstate 5 south exit. At the intersection of I-5 and Highway 12, take the Highway 12 west. Then exit onto Highway 160, heading south. Turn right onto Sherman Island Road at the point where Highway 160 drops off the levee. Continue south on Sherman Island Road until it enters the park.
Site Description
Sherman Island Public Access Facility is a popular recreation area located at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. With the island being close to the mouth of the Sacramento river the area serves as a good fishing location. The delta breeze coming from the San Francisco Bay makes Sherman Island an excelent place for windsurfing. The most popular places to launch are known as The Access, The Powerlines, The Sign and Senorita Beach. For more information on these sites contact the Rio Vista Windsurfing Association or visit their website at The park also has a public boat launch, which is a good place to access the delta for fishing. The park is open all year with hours going from sunrise to sunset. Parking fees are collected year round. Camping is allowed for RVs with a $10 fee.
Vegetation Wildlife
The fish species around the island include Striped Bass, Salmon, Sturgeon white catfish, crappie and the common carp. There are gopher snakes western pond turtles. Mammals in the area include the American beaver, American mink, black tailed jackrabbit, desert cottontail, northern river otter, raccoon, striped skunk and virginia opossum. There are also hundereds of different types of bird species such as the American white pelican, snow goose, red tailed hawk, mallard duck, and many more.
Current Land Use
High use recreation area.