Sacramento River
A Guide to Recreation and Public Access
Tehama County River Park
Access Site Details
Rivermile: 218
Owner: Tehama County Parks and Recreation Red Bluff CA (530) 528-1111
City: Corning
County: Tehama
Ownership: Public
Public Access: yes
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Acres: 14
Access Via: Public road
Fishing Regulations: Click Here
Fishing Supplement: Click Here
Activities Available
• Motor Boating
• Kayaking/Canoeing
• Fishing
• Swimming
• Walking
Facilities Available
• Paved Lot
Boating Facilities
• Boat Ramp(s)
• Boat Trailer Parking
Pedestrian Access
• ADA Accessible
• Paved Walkways
Picnic Facilities
• Picnic Table(s)
• Picnic Shelter(s)
• Barbecue Grill(s)/Pit(s)
• Turf Area
• Tree Shaded
• Potable Water
• Drinking Fountains
• Flush Toilets & Sinks
Location Description
The 14-acre Tehama County River Park is located at approximately River Mile 218 - L. This facility is located within the Woodson Bridge Subreach on both sides of the river where South Avenue crosses the river immediately west of Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area, 6 miles east of Corning.
Site Description
The 14-acre Tehama County River Park is bisected by South Avenue, but a pedestrian undercrossing allows park users to cross back and forth between the two areas safely.
Topology Hydrology
This park site is located on the inside curve of a very sharp bend in the river. The banks become steeper towards the south end of the site as the bank wraps towards the Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area.
Vegetation Wildlife
Ornamental shade trees provide the majority of the vegetation on the site. The south half of the park site is covered with turf, while the northern half is more natural due to the large gravel bar. The vegetation on the steeper banks consists of dense mixed riparian forest.
Current Land Use
Allowable uses at the park include boat launching, picnicking, sunbathing, wading/swimming, and fishing.
Adjacent Land Use
This county park is bordered on the northeast by the Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area and on the southeast by the Rio Vista Unit of the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge. To the south is the Woodson Bridge RV Park and Landing.
Access Description
This facility is easily accessed from either side of South Avenue.
Facility Signage
• Entrance
• Facility Rules