2014 Board of Directors
  • Chair: John NockLandowner, Butte County*
  • Vice Chair: Leonard MotyPublic Interest, Shasta County*
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Steve LambertPublic Interest, Butte County*
  • Glenn HawesLandowner, Shasta County
  • Brian FedoraLandowner, Sutter County
  • James GallagherPublic Interest, Sutter County *
  • Brendon FlynnLandowner, Tehama County
  • Burt BundyPublic Interest, Tehama County
  • Lynnel PollockLandowner, Yolo County *
  • Jeanette WrysinskiPublic Interest, Yolo County
  • Jim McKevittPublic Interest, Resources Agency
Ex-Officio Board Members
  • Sandy MoreyCA Department of Fish and Wildlife*
  • Don ReckUS Bureau of Reclamation
  • Mark CowanUS Army Corps of Engineers
  • Emma SuarezCentral Valley Flood Protection Board
  • Jan KnightUS Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Aric LesterCA Department of Water Resources
  • Mike PoolUS Bureau of Land Management
  • Eduardo OlmedoUS Forest Service
  • Denise RistCA Department of Parks & Recreation
* - Executive Committee Members
Contact Us:
  • Jane Dolan, Executive Director
    (530) 528-7411
  • Susan Strachan, Program Manager
    (530) 529-7383
  • Robert Irwin, Resource Conservationist
    (530) 528-7401
  • Ellen Gentry, Administrative Assistant
    (530) 528-7435

  • Mailing Address:
    2440 Main Street
    Red Bluff, California 96080

    Physical Address:
    2440 Main Street
    Red Bluff
    Room 55
    FAX: (530) 529-7322
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    The Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum (Forum) works with communities, agricultural interests, landowners, organizations and agencies along the Sacramento River from Keswick to Verona to facilitate resource management and restoration efforts to be effective, balanced and sensitive to the needs of local communities. The Forum supports restoration done well and serves as a forum for sharing, a facilitator of solutions and a partner for projects that protect both the natural values of the Sacramento River and the communities it runs through.

    This website provides a variety of resources worth visiting, including: See the resource directory for more.
    What's New (more news)
    • USFWS Proposes Designation of Critical Habitat for Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
      The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFW) is proposing to designate 546,335 acres of critical habitat for the western distinct population segment (DPS) of the yellow-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus) in 80 separate units in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. The USFWS is seeking public comments through October 14, 2014.
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    • Hedgerow Workshop
      A workshop titled Benefits of Hedgerows on Farms in the Sacramento Valley will be held on August 27 in Winters. This workshop will focus on the benefits of hedgerows of California native plants in agricultural landscapes. Topics will include bird predation on codling moth, rodents in hedgerows, IPM, and establishment and maintenance practices for planting habitat on field crop edges, including an overview of plant species appropriate for hedgerows in the Sacramento Valley.
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    • Economic study on the effects of the 2014 drought on agriculture released
      The University of California, Davis Center for Watershed Sciences has published Economic Analysis of the 2014 Drought for California Agriculture. The study indicates the 2014 drought has caused the greatest water-supply reduction ever in California agriculture.
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    The Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum (SRCAF) is a non-profit organization that evolved from 1986 State of California legislation (SB1086). The legislation called for a management plan to protect, restore and enhance the fisheries and riparian habitat along the Sacramento River from Keswick Dam down river to Verona. This effort is cooperative in nature and works to ensure that habitat restoration and management addresses not only the dynamics of riparian ecosystems, but also the realities of local agricultural and recreational issues associated with land use changes occurring along the river.

    The SRCAF continues to promote and coordinate restoration related activities along the Sacramento River, develop and implement site-specific and sub-reach plans for areas within the Conservation Area, review and track projects and monitor ecosystem restoration progress within the Sacramento River Conservation Area (SRCA), and work to build a broader support and understanding of the goals of CALFED and the SB1086 Program.